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  • Promote healthy digestive system
  • Eliminate bad breath, body odour, urine odour and fecal odour
  • Facilitate colon cleansing and blood detoxification
  • Improve bowel movement

Puri-Digest Tablet

  • Pawpy Kitties Puri-Digest Tablet is used as a health supplement for animal only. This unique formula combines 3 natural ingredients - champignon mushroom extract, chlorophyll and green tea extract to promote healthy digestive system, improve bowel movement, cleanse the colon and detoxify the blood.

    This formula helps to support the function of the digestive system, liver and kidney to eliminate harmful toxins, heavy metals, chemical by-products and putrid substances from the body. These natural ingredients also improve the liver detoxification pathways, blood cleansing and kidney clearance of unwanted substance to reduce the functional burdens on the liver and kidneys.

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