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About Us

Formulated by the region’s leading manufacturer of pet nutritional supplements, Pawpy Kitties® is committed to provide the pet and veterinary industry with unique formulations and efficacious supplements.


To ensure the best quality for your pet’s health, we source our ingredients from well-known brands across Japan, Europe and the USA. Not only are Pawpy Kitties® supplements made with unique and efficacious ingredients such as Celadrin®, Aquamin®, Acerola Cherry, German Chamomile Flower Extract and Nano Silver, they are also of human grade ingredients. In fact, Pawpy Kitties® supplements are manufactured in a licensed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility in accordance to PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme), an European GMP standard. Our facility is also Halal-certified and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. We have been in the business of human pharmaceuticals and health supplements for the past 55 years.


Pawpy Kitties® range of daily supplements cover the most sought-after healthcare needs of your furkids to ensure a better quality of life for them. In addition to oral supplements for targeted health conditions and general health maintenance, our wide range of pet supplements also include topical care products that treat and relieve various skin conditions such as ringworm, hot spots and various skin infections as well as cuts, wounds, abrasions, blisters, bites and the like. 

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