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  • Relieve skin irritations and itching
  • Promote skin healing
  • Protect dry sensitive skin

Derma Sooth Dusting Powder

  • This dusting powder contains chamomile flower extract and allantoin which can be recommended for relieving various skin problems including skin rashes, allergic reactions, inflamed skin, insect bites, skin irritations, chapped and cracked skin as well as dry sensitive skin.


    Chamomile flower extract in this dusting powder has been shown in clinical study conducted in Japan to significantly reduce the itching and redness in dogs with atopic dermatitis. The main components of chamomile inhibit the production of the chemical mediators that cause inflammation. The α-bisabolol has antibacterial and antifungal properties.


    The beneficial effects of allantoin on the skin are well-documented. The soothing, anti-irritant and skin protectant effects are due to the ability of allantoin to form complexes and neutralize many irritants and sensitizing agents.


    The nice floral scent from the chamomile flower extract keep your pets smelling fresh and the bitter taste from the extract itself will also deter your pets from licking the affected skin and biting their paws being treated. 

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