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  • Kill bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Remove unpleasant odours
  • Promote wound healing

Silver Nano-Shield Solution

  • This natural formula contains nanoparticle sized silver ions made from 99.99% pure silver in purified water. 


    This solution has antiseptic property and is useful for grooming your pets, removing exudates from eyes or nose as well as cleaning their paws after outdoor activities. 


    Its broad spectrum antimicrobial properties can be used for infection control and sanitization purpose to keep the cages, beddings, toys and bowls hygienically clean. This odourless solution is capable of eliminating 90 to 100% of unpleasant odours without using toxic chemicals.


    This multi-purpose solution is suitable for treatment and rapid healing of cuts, wounds, boils (skin abscesses), burns, abrasions, blisters, bites, skin irritations and post-surgical wounds. It is also useful for the treatment of hot spots, ringworm and various skin infections.

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